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Museum for Underwater Antiquities and Park in Piraeus

Project: Museum and Park
Location: OLP, Piraeus
Area: 13.000 sq.m.
Design by Kokkinou_Kourkoulas Office
Associate: Marianna Lizardou
Public square – Park – Air globules – Caves – Excavation
The main strategy of our proposal is based on preserving the memory and the affective wealth of the industrial past of the port. Our goal is the creation of a cultural centre at the western edge of the port amongst the wharfs and other industrial infrastructure. The preservation of the specific atmosphere – a melancholia in de Chirico terms – which imbues these parts of the port, while creating an urban attraction of metropolitan
interest, both for residents as well as tourists, is our explicitly stated aspiration.
Surrounding Area
The relation of the environs to the sea, as well as the character of the port are the two crucial elements of the overall design. In order to tackle the surrounding area size wise, two spatial strategies were employed. The public square and the park. The main intervention tools comprise of flooring strategies, the use of flora and the usage allocation throughout the plot.
Museum: Intervention strategy – Mass subtraction – Porous – Rectilinear
The main intervention strategy, regarding the silo as well as the museum expansion on the docks, is based upon a mass subtraction principle, distinctly opposed to an additive logic of new volumes, an approach which would undoubtedly compromise the spatial character and atmosphere of
the site. 
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