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Green Plaza Office Facade

Project: Office Building Facade
Location: Marousi, Athens
Status: Completed, 2016
Design by Kokkinou_Kourkoulas Office
Associate Architect: Marianna Lizardou
Architectural study of  Ground floor and Landscape : Efi Lymperopoulou Architects

Electromechanical Design: P. & H. Argyros

Photographer: Stavros Charisopoulos

Our intervention is aimed at tackling the building complex’s poor energy performance while also improving the aesthetics on the complex’s elevations.

We attempted to intervene on the building complex’s elevations in order to upgrade its energy efficiency while also blowing new wind in the complex’s aesthetic identity and character.

In order to achieve the aforementioned we proposed the installation of aluminium louvers, adjustable along the horizontal and vertical axis accordingly, while following the existing grid of the façades. These louvers protect the building from solar radiation and overheating. This is achieved as the shifting position of the sun is forestalled by the dynamic/changing angle of placement these louvers feature, thus preventing direct sunlight from reaching the exterior glazing and therefore the buildings’ interior.

These louvers are placed on the projection of the concrete frame in order to re-establish the sense of continuity on the façade, while still implying the underlying rectangular grid of the elevations, through the weaving of horizontal and vertical louvers. This forms a chessboard-like façade.

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