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Project: M_Shop
Location: Athens
Client: Athens Concert Hall
Area: 50 sq.m.
Status: Completed, 2012
Design by Kokkinou_Kourkoulas Office
Project Manager: Marianna Lizardou
Construction: Manos Vordonarakis
Photos: Marianna Bisti
“TROJAN SOUND”/ This phrase can summarize our concept which characterises our architecture proposal for the shop of Athens Concert Hall. To the music prevailing throughout the building of Megaron, we offer in contrast a mixed note, in counterpoint - like two different melodic lines in a simultaneous sound.
Our approach was to contradict the ideas of complete harmonization and integration.
We saw the building as a given background in which the shop should be displayed as a standalone object. This relationship between background and object is designed to initiate a spatial dialogue. This dialogue hopes to extend the current framework of Megaron in new directions.
The form-geometry of the cylinder,  the raw materials, the milled steel, the wood and the plexiglass and the feeling of a mobile object (like furniture), rests independent from the existing character of the surrounding structure and launches a new situation inside the building.
This intervention aspires to act as a capacitor which will liven areas throughout the building offering new experiences to visitors.

Megaron Shop_ Athens Concert Hall

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